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26 Nov 2017. I dubbed him the “G2 Buck” because of his large split G2. He was a giant with a heavy, wide, and tall rack that would've been around the mid-160 range. I watched a trail camera video of him scraping and pawing the ground.

7 Dec 2017. Getting the perfect trail camera photo is hard enough. Add to it the pressure of trying to acquire a picture that would work to score with the BuckScore® program can feel next to impossible. This article's aim is to clarify what.

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6 Jun 2018. Trail camera strategies have exploded over the last several years. Years ago the novelty of capturing big buck images was all the rage. Although today, more and more hunters are realizing the true benefits trail cameras.

29 Nov 2019. Art Graybill, 91, shot a big eight-point buck on his farm near Denver this fall. Graybill's son Steve got trail camera photos of a particularly big eight pointer in mid October, and he suggested his dad go hunt for it Oct. 29.

Upload a photo of your big buck, and you'll be put into a drawing to win one of 3 prize packs, worth 'big bucks' from our participating sponsors! Winners will be. 2019 Big Buck Contest. true Click to. 3rd Evolved Lights out Game Camera.

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26 Jul 2018. These summer trail camera tips from Aaron Outdoors should help you develop your buck hit list for fall. Scrapes are another fun and successful way to pattern big bucks! 5. Water Sources for Deer. Of course I couldn't leave.

Welcome to Trail Cam Radio, as we dive into all things trail cameras, deer hunting, whitetails, nature, outdoors, camera. and cover a lot of whitetail topics in a short time from the moon and how to find the magic big buck line through Ohio.

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For example, your typical deer cam photo of a buck can tell you roughly how old it is, a rough score of the animal and. After using my trail cameras in video mode for a year, I had a large library of clips of deer looking directly at the camera.

5 Jul 2019. Hunting whitetails by previous seasons wind and weather patterns can be a very confusing concept to whitetail hunters. Nothing is more important to a mature whitetail than smelling their surroundings before exposing.

Canon Eos Series Cameras Middle East and North Africa, October 25, 2017—Canon Inc. announced today that the Company has reached two major production milestones—a cumulative total of 90 million interchangeable-lens EOS. Canon announced two more lenses for its EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera system today — a 70–200mm F2.8.