If you own or lease some hunting ground, it’s time to get your hands dirty. The better you plan, build and maintain food plots over the next several months, the more deer you’ll attract and hold on your land come September.

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Mar 13, 2017  · Posted on Mar 13, 2017 by Exodus Team. Does trail camera flash style have a real impact on the game we hunt? If you’re like many, the whole black flash, red flash, and white flash thing can be a bit confusing.

She had just shot a "bigo buck," she told him – a big old. had shot the deer on her ranch. "Got a pic?" he inquired. She sent him a photo of herself crouched next to a dead deer, holding up its.

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We set up the cameras right on a deer trail to see how they would react. In this location, more than half of the deer would react in a negative fashion. They would walk toward the camera and notice it by sight first, then in some cases walk up to the camera and smell it.

After the fourth straight weekend of playing road warrior and driving all over the state of New York trying to get within range of a deer, the woods were. is the downfall for many big bucks.

Unlike many huge deer – where hunters dump corn year-round and use trail cameras to track the animal’s every move. “They had a couple Georgia hunters on and they said they got more pictures of big.

Do you like to scout an area for deer before you hunt it but are short on time to do it? All of these models that send pictures to the phone which is a must-have feature for a good game camera! Check out these best wireless trail camera reviews!

So in late October, 2017, when a neighbor a half-mile away casually texted a deer photo from a trail camera, Memering and his wife instantly recognized that the buck was beyond big. “Katie is.

Email [email protected] While setting up a trail camera by a corn feeder in sight of a box blind can produce photographs of a lot of deer, mature bucks often stay away. Here are some other.

MARQUETTE, MI – Some landowners near Marquette have been asked to keep an eye out for any big cats showing up on their trail camera footage after two joggers. 100 and 200 pounds – definitely not a.

Oct 03, 2018  · Facebook. Trail cameras are more useful tools than ever for hunters. It used to be harder to catch a big buck in a trail camera photo in the film days. You’d only have 24 shots to a roll and if you didn’t pick the perfect camera location, your roll would be filled up with does or turkeys.

In other words, the evidence shows that a big buck is 3.75 times as likely to. largely because I didn’t have enough trail cameras. But my main conclusion is that it appears deer are making their.

The BuckScore app is a deer score calculator allowing you to score bucks based on trail camera, harvest, or any freeze frame photo of a buck!

VESTAVIA HILLS, AL (WBRC) – Home surveillance video captured a coyote attacking a deer. the video camera, I started screaming,” said Strong. He said the size of the coyote is what concerned him the.

CASS COUNTY — Dale Wallace of Goshen, Indiana, at first thought the swollen muzzle of the buck that showed up on his trail cameras this summer might. Keel wrote in a post on Mike Hanback’s Big Deer.

Cool lead buck, check out the heavy bases and the split brow. Think he saw the camera? BTW, that’s your typical boy’s club, 6 bucks or so of various age/size. It’s fun to watch them grow, send me a cam image anytime. First person to post a velvet rack with drop tine gets a free BIG DEER blog T-shirt 🙂

When stories are told about big bucks killed in southern West Virginia from now on, the 2017 season for Jessie Hatfield and his family will no doubt become lore. Hatfield, from Gilbert, West Virginia,

Big Buck Outfitters, Inc. focuses on the harvest of mature whitetail, mule deer, elk and antelope in Northeast Wyoming, Southeast Montana and Northwest Kansas.Big Buck Outfitters, Inc. has leases comprising over 250,000 acres.Big Buck Outfitters, Inc.’s leases include over two dozen ranches which are strictly managed for quality bucks and bulls and high game numbers.

Near a tree where he had planted deer scent, the motion-triggered camera clearly captured a cougar loping in. "Everybody standing around in the house thought I had a big deer. They came over to.

We’ve seen an absolute explosion in trail camera popularity. advancement in deer hunting equipment since the compound bow. Here’s what my son Neil Dougherty and I have learned in the last decade.

Apr 11, 2012  · Instruction manuals for Wildgame Innovations trail cameras IR2 IR3C IR3D IR4 IR4C IR4CG IR5 IR5D IR8D IR8X s1.3 s1.3x s2 s2C s4 s4C X6C X6CG Z2 Pulse 10 Pulse 1

2014 Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless. The buzz in the outdoor world is all new 2014 Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless.That’s right a cellular trail camera from one of.

For something so big, the bull seemed surprisingly timid when it initially approached the trail cam last Tuesday around 9:30. David Stainbrook, Deer and Moose Project Leaders for MassWildlfe, said.

A spooky trail-camera picture. the company that made the camera say the spooky apparition is actually a distorted image of the deer and its eyes, reflected as part of a phenomenon known as blowback.

In conjunction with Lee & Tiffany, CarbonTV brings you the Crush Deer Cam. Located in Iowa, with no high fences on the property and no hunting at the cam location, you’ll get an up close view of some monster deer in their natural habitat.

Following these deer hunting tips can help you have a more successful hunting season. Become an expert deer hunter today. Read these deer hunting tips on how to find a big deer this year.

His girlfriend printed out the trail cam picture, framed it, and hung it in his room. Southeastern Wisconsin is mostly small farms, suburbs, and little woodlots. There are big deer here, but they.

Editor’s Note: This is the story of the hunt for Outdoor Life’s 2014 Deer of the Year. To enter your own 2014/2015 buck in our Deer of the Year program, click here. Mark Sharp likely believed his.

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See Big Surprize on Deer Trail Cam! and find more beautiful photographs of the outdoors at SportsmansGuide.com’s Guide Outdoors.

Aug 16, 2016  · big-buck trail cam contest HARRISBURG, PA – As we close in on a new slate of deer seasons, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is holding a big-buck photo contest to showcase some of the huge whitetails caught on trail cameras this summer and fall in Penn’s Woods.

Each deer could react differently if they know a trail camera is present. The next big debate with trail cameras is what style you go with to spook deer the least amount. Again people’s opinions will be persuaded with different results because they used a flash camera one time and a giant buck never cared about the flash being in his face.

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"They’d see him each year on their trail cameras each year and then would be out of their lives for the deer season," he said. Buff and his kids, though, preferred to call the deer Voltar because it.

May 15, 2012  · With antlers quickly sprouting, it’s getting to be that time of year that most people haul their trail cameras out of the closet and back into the woods. I’m certainly going to be deploying my full array of trail cams soon, and my goal this year (as is every year) is to have more big buck.

You never know what’s out there, until you do. Whether you’re searching for affordable ways to scout land or looking for the ultimate camera to monitor and manage big game on your property, Moultrie’s industry-leading game cameras are the optimal tool for gathering accurate field intelligence.

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Most times during hunting trips, I have a camera with me. of photos of deer I’ve taken all across our state over the years. The hunting season ends on January 31 in Zone A and February 10 in Zone B.

Jan 25, 2019  · The exotic sika deer is seen captured on a trail camera near Granby, New York in Oswego County. The deer was captured on camera by two unrelated sources, however, it still has not been found. Native to Japan and eastern Asia the sika deer is an exotic species from the elk and deer family. The deer.