The New York Times has a powerful piece about photographer Giles Duley. Duley was covering a patrol in Afghanistan back in February when he stepped on a bomb and lost an arm and both legs: “I remember.

On Wednesday 3 February Humanitarian Photographer Giles Duley will be speaking at the LSE at a Public Lecture co-hosted by the Department of International Development and EMERGENCY UK. In his talk he.

Boat after boat lands on the coast of Lesbos between Eftalou and Skala Sikamineas. Photograph: Giles Duley/UNHCR In mid-October I arrive in Skala Sikamineas on the north coast of the Greek island of.

Two years ago Giles Duley stepped on a bomb in Afghanistan and suffered horrific injuries. Here he tells us of his courageous return to the country to photograph the innocent victims of the war Read.

I met Giles Duley the day he introduced me to Khouloud. Few people will have the chance to meet her in person, but Giles’s photography introduces her to the world. Different photographers can use.

Former fashion photographer Giles Duley, 40, switched to photojournalism. ever had – being in intensive care together every day. To step on a bomb, have your legs blown off and survive, is lucky.

GENEVA – Award-winning photographer Giles Duley, who has carved a reputation as a gritty chronicler of the resilience and courage of refugees, says he feared his career was over after he suffered life.

His wife is now his full-time carer. Vietnam 2014. Photograph: Giles Duley It is stories like Mrs Mun’s that my project Legacy of War aims to tell. It is a two-year photographic series documenting the.

British freelance photographer Giles Duley, who suffered horrific injuries while working in Afghanistan, is on a mission to educate the western world about the consequences of war in that country.

ELIZABETH JACKSON: In 2011, freelance photographer Giles Duley was hunkered down with the US Army in Afghanistan. As he documented the conflict and the suffering of the innocent people caught up in it.

In 2011, photographer Giles Duley stepped on a land mine while working in Afghanistan. Originally a celebrity portrait photographer who had been turned off to celebrity culture by the people he was.

Step forward photographer Giles Duley, who back in February 2011 lost three of his limbs after stepping on an IED whilst patrolling with US troops in Afghanistan. Following 30 operations, 45 days in.

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British photographer Giles Duley has been injured in Afghanistan, the Foreign Office has confirmed. British photographer Giles Duley has been injured in Afghanistan, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

The exhibition ‘Artistic Dimensions to a Healthier World’ will feature artworks by Giles Duley, an award-winning humanitarian.

Photographer Giles Duley connects with refugees after surviving landmine blast Giles Duley gave up taking pictures of musicians to focus on covering conflicts. The British photographer captures the.

Observer photographer Giles Duley outside the Olympic Stadium. After covering the Paralympics, he plans to return overseas to continue his humanitarian photography. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA for.

Photograph: Giles Duley Giles Duley was another photographer who dealt with the refugee crisis in a way that challenged the traditional idea of an exhibition. The powerful prints here were part of a.

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Twelve years ago photographer Giles Duley abandoned the world of celebrity and fashion photography to focus on stories of human suffering – he was in Afghanistan in 2011 when a landmine blew off both.