The first, on opening night, will showcase avant-garde works by students from NC State, Donghua University in Shanghai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Ravensbourne in London. to sell their.

He came to give a talk to my class when I was 15 and the only queer person in my year. I later went on to the first year of Ravensbourne where Eden was getting ready for his final collection, which is.

Our guest reporter Steve Smith went along to this year’s Rave2012 – the graduation show for Ravensbourne – to watch the BA Animation reel. The animation course breeds a blend of very able CGI.

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The modern Ravensbourne college of Design and Communication with sun reflecting on one side. Greenwich, London. Photo about building, mosaic, colour,

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Samroj Lama (also known as Eskay) has been working at fashion magazine Hunger while studying for his degree in Motion Graphics. He has created content for the brand’s Snapchat account as well as.

Today he is a man transformed, a film-maker with a place on a media studies course at Ravensbourne College. so he started the charity to help them. The Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund has made.

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Greenwich and Docklands. 29 Miles along the Thames. Greenwich Tall Ships Festivals. Lewisham. Construction. Commissions. The River Ravensbourne.

Read Digital Photography reviews by students, find open days, available scholarships & University fees. Ravensbourne University London · 1 Digital.

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Charles Heales picked up the Broadcast and Film award at last night’s Ravensbourne Degree Show. The Degree Show Awards celebrate the work of the college’s 2014 graduates. Heales was honoured for his.

26 May 2017. Fovea is a self-initiated showcase of work created by photography students from Ravensbourne College. As a collection of diverse outcomes,

After the screening, Arran Green, the director of photography for the short film. In September 2013, Veemsen started studying Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne. ‘I wanted to learn properly.

When I got back, I knew I needed to do something. Nature became a huge comfort and helped me process my grief, which in turn inspired my photography. I found this location, Leith Hill, in Surrey, just.

Photography. Corporate and commercial. From aerials to architecture, food to fashion and wars to weddings. Video. Visuals, soundtracks and special effects.

According to Peter Ackroyd, the Ravensbourne was named by Julius Caesar. The route is part of the Waterlink Way — keep an eye out for the pavement signs 1. From Catford or Catford Bridge station.

Having seen the industry stifled by safe commissioning, Zeegen and Rees encourage their illustrators to experiment and develop using new technology, especially computers and photography. a better.

Hanina Pinnock revealed she was "so excited" to study photography at Ravensbourne College, London. The 18-year-old, who achieved an A* and two As, confessed it had been hard to motivate herself to.

He likened dropping his only son Jack off at Exeter niversity to losing his ‘best friend’, only to have to deliver his twin sister Holly to Ravensbourne University the following day. ‘I was a mess,’.

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Photography was also a large part of my graphic design degree at Ravensbourne College of Art. I am now a freelance graphic designer and it is alongside this.

But other great hotspots for new designers include the ITS fashion competition in Trieste, Italy, and other British colleges such as The Royal College of Art, Ravensbourne and. with the biggest.

Sarah Medway is a fine art photographer based in north west Kent and part of the. It was also a large part of her graphic design degree at Ravensbourne.

Underwater Photo Gallery “Between the underwater and the topside world is what makes photography. Gross secured his camera to a rock and pointed it to the ocean surface, using a remote timer to take pictures of the sea. As well as photographing marine life, we were particularly interested

First, he’d used a lot of his own photography in his degree and had continued taking. Funnell started by doing a degree in visual communication at Ravensbourne, then worked as a designer for about.

testing me, educating me and touching me in ways I had not expected." The exhibition of 46 portraits can be seen at The Atrium at Ravensbourne, London, from 23 November to 7 December 2017.

He has given workshops and lectures internationally at Willem de Kooning Academy, Piet Zwart Institute, KABK, Nordland Kunst og Filmfagskole, FAMU, University of East London, Ravensbourne. with.

They met at a party and sparks flew. Eden was a fashion student at Ravensbourne, and Tom at CSM. First they fell in love, then they fell into business. Cue Art School. Drawing on their non-binary.

Ope O Photographer. Freelance photographer / "Social media influencer" based in London, Ravensbourne graduate and proud supporter of Arsenal. My Work:.

Later this month the other art colleges are staging their final year shows, giving you a taste of what is happening in fine art, textiles, design, photography. The London Institute, Ravensbourne.