The vintage anamorphic lenses gave us a layer of physical. a camera/lens/lighting package to achieve high-quality images with a small camera, manageable files, and equipment that could be arranged.

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Jedi night. Star Wars camera sells for record. both Star Wars memorabilia and vintage Hollywood film cameras sold at auction. The lot also included accessories and a photograph of George Lucas.

which was shot on 35mm using vintage camera equipment. And if you liked this story, sign up for the weekly features newsletter, called “If You Only Read 6 Things This Week”. A handpicked.

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Capture that vintage-feel with little more than a dab of Vaseline. your lens to give your photos an out of focus vignette just like old film cameras. If you’ve got nice equipment, you should.

Attention camera fanatics, ebay has a listing for you. The Paillard Bolex H8 Military Gun was apparently used by a Vietnam war reporter and survived. Wartime details about the equipment isn’t listed.

The low-quality lenses and loose tolerances of vintage consumer cameras often gave photos. to give your photos an out of focus vignette just like old film cameras. If you’ve got nice equipment, you.

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Interestingly, the closest vehicle to the camera is painted with the words. such as the street flushing equipment as shown in the images," says Beckman. "If you look just below the vehicle number.

To save weight for moon rocks on the journey home, the Apollo moonwalkers were instructed to leave the bodies of the cameras and other spent equipment on the moon. The astronauts were only to pack the.

This week’s collection of vintage photos depicts New Jerseyans captured. He and his crew had to contend with burdensome equipment that was difficult to conceal. The cameras were often hidden behind.

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Because of all the equipment involved, walk-ups tend to be non-starters. for a wood-paneled library or the most beautiful.

Lomography has just announced its new Petzval 55mm f/1.7 Mark II lens for Canon, Nikon, and Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras, a piece of glass that. the side that provides “a more authentic and.

It would be junk in any other context; vintage scientific equipment lucky enough to be projected at escape. and are available for display at museums across the country. A camera lens dust brush.

you had to either work on refurbished cameras or vintage equipment that, of course, didn’t give you the flexibility that this is ultimately going to give younger filmmakers and making film accessible,

Roll Film, which allowed the photo to develop inside the camera, was used by the original Polaroid cameras, though the film was discontinued in the 1970s.

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The Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA) presents, Bob Mizer: Vintage Physique, featuring a selection of. Mizer began photographing with “more sophisticated camera equipment” 1 and by 1944 was.

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Jun 30, 2014. With the rise of digital photography, those who prefer to shoot film have found themselves at a loss of resources for equipment and repairs.

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In my never-ending search for that “special” photographic look that sets me apart from the competition, I recently discovered that overexposing film increases the grain and adds a vintage pictorial.

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These days it’s possible to make a film with high-end equipment and modestly priced. budget friendly. Vintage Arri and Zeiss cinema lenses were also used on a few occasions. For the cameras that we.

Vintage cameras, radios, speakers and even typewriters are all things. It may take a trained eye to separate the trinkets from the treasure, but the right vintage equipment will be worth the hunt.

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